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A Comprehensive Bibliography on Self-Stabilization

(A Working Paper in the
Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science)

Ted Herman (University of Iowa), with numerous corrections and additions by Colette Johnen (LRI, Universite Paris-Sud)

This page is a directory to a bibliography of books, articles, conference proceedings, and technical reports about self-stabilization or applications that employ stabilizing techniques.

The bibliography currently has about 500 entries to date. Most of the entries are articles published in journals and conference proceedings articles; we have generally avoided technical report citations. When conference proceedings articles become journal publications, the bibliography will be modified to include the new citation.

The list of URLs below provides links to the bibliography source and several forms of viewable or print-ready output. The bibliography consists of BibTeX source. In addition to the main bibliography, an addendum to the bibliography lists to-be-published entries that will be merged into the main bibliography following their publication. The Access Guide is an informal classification of the bibliography.

If you can suggest corrections and additions to the bibliography, please mail them to Ted Herman.

Last revised: 27 December 2002.

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