@@@@@@@Final program

@June 24, Tuesday

@@@Continental Breakfast (8:00-8:30)

@Section 0: (8:30-10:00)
@Invited speech.
@Speaker: Anish Arora
@Title: Taking Stabilization to the Masses: Problems, Opportunities and Progress
@This talk identifies recent trends in distributed computing and networking that
@offer new opportunities for stabilization research. It also points out, from
@a systems perspective, criticisms of the stabilization approach that we believe should be
@addressed for successfully dealing with these new opportunities.
@Finally, motivated by current demonstrations of sensor networks and internet
@services that we are presently engaged in, it presents some recent research results on how to
@scale stabilization in time, in geographic size, in energy and in code size.

@@@Break (10:00-10:30)

@Section 1: (10:30-12:00)
@Title: A Pursuer-Evader Game for Sensor Networks
@Authors: M. Demirbas, A. Arora, M. Gouda
@Contact author: Murat Demirbas, demirbas@cis.ohio-state.edu

@Title: Collision-free Communication in Sensor Networks
@Authors: S. S. Kulkarni, U. Arumugam
@Contact author: Sandeep S. Kulkarni, sandeep@cse.msu.edu

@Title: self-stabilizing pulse synchronization inspired by biological pacemaker networks
@Authors: A. Daliot, D. Dolev, H. Parnas
@Contact author: Danny Dolev, dolev@cs.huji.ac.il

@@@Lunch (12:00-13:30)


@Section 2: (13:30-15:00)

@Title: Self-statilizing Algorithms for {k}-domination
@Authors: M. Gairing, S. T. Hedetniemi, P. Kristiansen, A. A. McRae
@Contact author: Martin Gairing, gairing@uni-paderborn.de

@Title: Self-Stabilizing Group Communication in Directed Networks
@Authors: S. Dolev, E. Schiller
@Contact author: Shlomi Dolev, dolev@cs.bgu.ac.il

@Title: Lyapunov Analysis of Neural Network Stability in an Adaptive Flight Control System
@Authors: S. Yerramalla, B. Cukic, M. Mladenovski
@Contact author: Bojan Cukic, cukic@csee.wvu.edu


@Section 3: (15:30-17:00)

@Title: A Self-Stabilizing Algorithm for Token Circulation by Using Edge-Tokens
@Authors: S. T. Huang, S. S. Hung
@Contact author: Prof.Shing-Tsaan Huang, sthuang@csie.ncu.edu.tw

@Title: Self-stabilizing Atomicity Refinement Allowing Neighborhood Concurrency
@Authors: S. Cantarell, A. K. Datta, F. Petit
@Contact author: Ajoy K. Datta, datta@cs.unlv.edu

@Title: A new self-stabilizing k-out-of-l exclusion algorithm on rings
@Authors: A. K. Datta, R. Hadid, V. Villain
@Contact author: Ajoy K. Datta, datta@cs.unlv.edu

@Transfer to Excursion/Banquet (17:45-18:30)
@Excursion/Banquet (19:00-22:00)

@June 25, Wednesday

@Continental Breakfast (8:00-8:30)


@Section 4: (8:30-10:00)

@Title: A Framework of Safe Stabilization
@Authors: S. Ghosh, A. Bejan
@Contact author: Sukumar Ghosh, ghosh@cs.uiowa.edu

@Title: A method for evaluating efficiency of protocols on the asynchronous shared-state model
@Authors: Y. Nakaminami, T. Masuzawa, T. Herman
@Contact author: Ted Herman, herman@cs.uiowa.edu

@Title: A general Method for Constructing Self-Stabilizing Algorithms with Logarithmic Time Complexity
@Authors: F. C. Gartner, H. Pagnia
@Contact author: Felix C. Gartner, fcg@acm.org

@Break (10:00-10:30)


@Section 5: (10:30-12:00)

@Title: A stabilizing solution to the stable-paths problem
@Authors: J. A. Cobb, M. G. Gouda, R. Musunuri
@Contact author: Jorge A. Cobb, cobb@utdallas.edu

@Title: Route Preserving Stabilization
@Authors: C. Johnen, S. Tixeuil
@Contact author: Sebastien Tixeuil, tixeuil@lri.fr

@Title: An improved snap-stabilizing pif algorithm
@Authors: L. Blin, A. Cournier, V. Villain
@Contact author: Vincent Villain, villain@laria.u-picardie.fr

@General Discussion (12:00-12:30)