@@C ontributors are invited to submit a postscript file of their paper to the
@Program Committee Chair at sss03@csie.ncu.edu.tw. Submissions should be no
@longer than 4800 words and not exceed 12 pages on letter-size paper using at
@least 11 point font and reasonable margins (the page limit includes all
@figures, tables, and graphs). Submissions should come with a cover page that
@ paper title
@ authors and affiliations
@ e-mail, fax,and telephone information of contact author
@an abstract of the work in a few lines.

@Submissions deviating from these guidelines will be rejected
@without consideration of their merits. An e-mail message acknowledging the
@arrival of the submission will be sent.

@@Please note that a paper submitted to SSS'03 may not be concurrently submitted
@to any other conference, workshop, or journal.

@@The proceedings of SSS'03 Workshop will be published in Springer's
@"Lecture Notes in Computer Science" series. In addition, accepted submissions
@will also have one-page abstracts published in the proceedings of DSN'03.
@(The one-page abstract is not optional; both abstract and full paper are
@required for all accepted submissions.)