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The following papers have been accepted to WSS2001:

Cooperating Mobile Agents and Stabilization
S. Ghosh (invited paper)

Cross-over Composition - Enforcement of Fairness under Unfair Adversary
J. Beauquier, M. Gradinariu, C. Johnen, University of Paris Sud

Easy Self-stabilization with an Agent
J. Beauquier, T. Herault, University of Paris Sud
E. Schiller, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Stabilization of Routing in Directed Networks
J. A. Cobb, University of Texas at Dallas
M. G. Gouda, University of Texas at Austin

Dijkstra's Self-stabilizing Algorithm in Unsupportive Environments
S. Dolev, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
T. Herman, University of Iowa

Communication Adaptive Self-stabilizing Group Membership Service
S. Dolev, E. Schiller, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

(Im)Possibilities of Predicate Detection in Crash-Affected Systems
F. C. Gartner, Darmstadt University of Technology
S. Pleisch, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory

The Theory of Weak Stabilization
M. G. Gouda, University of Texas at Austin

On the Security and Vulnerability of PING
M. G. Gouda, C.-T. Huang, University of Texas at Austin
A. Arora, Ohio State University

A New Efficient Tool for the Design of Self-stabilizing l-exclusion algorithms: the Controller
R. Hadid, V. Villain, University of Picardie

Self-stabilizing Agent Traversal
T. Herman, University of Iowa
T. Masuzawa, Osaka University

Composite Stabilizing Data Structures
T. Herman, I. Pirwani, University of Iowa

Stabilizing Causal Deterministic Merge
S. S. Kulkarni, Ravikant, Michigan State University

Fast Self-stabilizing Depth-first Token Circulation
F. Petit, University of Picardie

On a Space-optimal Distributed Traversal Algorithm
S. Tixeuil, University of Paris Sud


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