8th International Symposium on Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Systems
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Self-* Systems and Self-stabilization: from Theory to Practice

  •  Anish Arora (Chair), Ohio State University
  •  John Douceur, Microsoft Research
  •  Danny Dolev, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  •  Shlomi Dolev, Ben-Gurion University
  •  Vijay K. Garg, University of Texas at Austin

The demand for systems that self-configure, self-recover, self-heal, and self-manage has yielded many diverse efforts in this decade. This panel will examine fundamental research dimensions of these so-called self-* systems. It will identify what sorts of theory have been successful, and perhaps more importantly, what sorts of theory are needed in self-* application domains. In particular, it will debate the role of self-stabilization in self-* systems and evaluate the practical impact of self-stabilization systems research. Expect a diversity of opinion, ranging from algorithms to systems theory to software engineering.
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