17th International Symposium on Stabilization, Safety,
and Security of Distributed Systems (SSS 2015)

Edmonton, Canada
18-21 August 2015

Summer School Lectures (August 18th) 

Communication-less Secure-multiparty-computation
Shlomi Dolev (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)
The lecture will introduce the basic concept of secure-multiparty-computation, then demonstrate ways to implement a Turing machine, an (accumulating) automaton, database implementation, and random access machine, enabling provable information theoretical secure, private and secure computations in the clouds.
An Introduction to Distributed Computability via Combinatorial Topology
Sergio Rajsbaum (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico)
The lecture will give a self-contained introduction to the analysis of distributed algorithms using combinatorial topology techniques, covering the first few chapters of the book: Herlihy, Kozlov, Rajsbaum, Distributed Computing Through Combinatorial Topology, Elsevier-Morgan Kaufmann, 2013. Techniques to analyze when a given task can be solved in a given distributed computing model will be described. The effects of the parameters of the model, such as asynchrony, failures and different communication mechanisms will be explored.
Distributed Computing by Mobile Entities
Nicola Santoro (Carleton University, Canada)
The lecture will be an introduction to the study of complexity and computability in systems where the computational entities can move within the spatial universe they inhabit. The field has applications in areas as diverse as autonomous robots moving in a terrain, software agents moving in a network, autonomous intelligent vehicles, wireless mobile ad-hoc networks, and networks of mobile sensors.

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