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List of Accepted (Regular) Papers

Sven Köhler, Volker Turau and Gerhard Mentges. Self-stabilizing local k-placement of replicas with minimal variance
Colette Johnen and Fouzi Mekhaldi. From self- to self- stabilizing with service guarantee weight-based clustering
Paola Flocchini, Matthew Kellett, Peter C. Mason and Nicola Santoro. Fault-Tolerant Exploration of an Unknown Dangerous Graph by Scattered Agents
Jordan Adamek, Mikhail Nesterenko and Sebastien Tixeuil. Using Abstract Simulation for Performance Evaluation of  Stabilizing Algorithms: The Case of Propagation of Information with Feedback.
Tomoya Takimoto, Fukuhito Ooshita, Hirotsugu Kakugawa and Toshimitsu Masuzawa. Communication-Efficient Self-stabilization in Wireless Networks
Philipp Brandes and Roger Wattenhofer. On Finding Better Friends
Mohammad Alaggan, Sébastien Gambs and Anne-Marie Kermarrec. BLIP: Non-interactive Differentially-Private Similarity Computation on Bloom filters
Neggazi Brahim, Haddad Mohammed and Kheddouci Hamamache. Self-stabilizing algorithm for maximal graph partitioning into triangles
Borzoo Bonakdarpour, Marius Bozga and Gregor Goessler. A Theory of Fault Recovery for Component-Based Models
Olumuyiwa Oluwasanmi and Jared Saia. Scalable Byzantine agreement with a random beacon
Fukuhito Ooshita and Sebastien Tixeuil. On the self-stabilization of mobile oblivious robots in uniform rings
Eddy Caron, Florent Chuffart, Anissa Lamani and Franck Petit. Optimization in a Self-Stabilizing Service Discovery Framework for Large Scale Systems
Shlomi Dolev, Ariel Hanemann, Elad Michael Schiller and Shantanu Sharma. Self-Stabilizing End-to-End Communication in Bounded Capacity, Omitting, Duplicating and Non-FIFO Dynamic Networks
Yosr Jarraya, Arash Eghtesadi, Mourad Debbabi, Ying Zhang and Makan Pourzandi. Formal Verification of Security Preservation for Migrating Virtual Machines in the Cloud
Stéphane Devismes, Anissa Lamani, Franck Petit, Pascal Raymond and Sebastien Tixeuil. Optimal Grid Exploration by Asynchronous Oblivious Robots
Othon Michail, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis and Paul Spirakis. Terminating Population Protocols via some Minimal Global Knowledge Assumptions
Johannes Behl, Tobias Distler and Ruediger Kapitza. DQMP: A Decentralized Protocol to Enforce Global Quotas in Cloud Environments
John Bridgman and Vijay Garg. All-to-All Gradecast using Coding with Byzantine Failures
Giuseppe Ateniese, Roberto Baldoni, Silvia Bonomi and Giuseppe Antonio Di Luna. Oblivious Assignment with m Slots
Bertrand Ducourthial, Véronique Cherfaoui and Thierry Denoeux. Self-stabilizing Distributed Data Fusion
Yanhong A. Liu, Scott D. Stoller and Bo Lin. High-Level Executable Specifications of Distributed Algorithms

List of Accepted Brief Announcements

Ajoy Datta, Stephane Devismes and Lawrence Larmore. Self-Stabilizing Silent Disjunction in an Anonymous Network
Tomoko Izumi, Yukiko Yamauchi and Sayaka Kamei. Mobile Agent Rendezvous on Edge Evolving Rings
Matthias Fugger, Alexander Koessler, Thomas Nowak and Martin Zeiner. The Degrading Effect of Forgetting on a Synchronizer
Mahyar Malekpour. Self-Stabilizing Synchronization of Arbitrary Digraphs in Presence of Faults
António Casimiro, Jörg Kaiser, Johan Karlsson, Elad Michael Schiller, Philippas Tsigas, Pedro Costa, Jose Parizi, Rolf Johansson and Renato Librino. KARYON: Towards Safety Kernels for Cooperative Vehicular Systems
Shlomi Dolev, Niv Gilboa and Ofer Hermoni. Arbitrators in the Security Infrastructure
François Bonnet, Xavier Défago, Maria Gradinariu Potop-Butucaru, Franck Petit and Sebastien Tixeuil. Discovering and Assessing Fine-grained Metrics in Robot Networks Protocols
Can Arda Muftuoglu, Peter Bokor and Neeraj Suri. MP-State: State-Aware Software Model Checking of Message-Passing Systems
Jingshu Chen and Sandeep Kulkarni. Verification of Stabilizing Programs with SMT Solvers
Na Li, Sajal Das and Nan Zhang. Local-view based Minimum Subgraph Detection in Online Social Networks