SSS History

Do you remember the previous SSS edition? Just for the fun, help us and send us a picture of the SSS missing edition.

Self-Stabilizing Systems events


SSS 2015 (17th edition – Edmonton, Canada)

The Best Paper session.


SSS 2014 (16th edition – Paderborn, Germany)

This year SSS was  preceded by a Tutorial Day on Self-organizing Physical Systems. Paderborn Live Music with Vincent, Stéphane, Franck and al.


SSS 2013 (15th edition – Osaka, Japan)

Three SSS Samurai with Sébastien and Maria.


SSS 2012 (14th edition – Toronto, Canada)

Franck, Anissa, Eddy, Ajoy and Florent in the Toronto street between two SSS sessions.


SSS 2011 (13th edition – Grenoble, France)

We are very saddened by the terrible tragedy that affects Japan and its people. On behalf of our community, we express our support for the Japanese people, especially to our colleagues and friends.

After consultations with the Steering Committee and the local organizers, it has been decided that SSS 2011 cannot take place in Shinagawa (Tokyo). INRIA Rhône-Alpes and Université Joseph Fourier accepted to host SSS 2011. SSS 2011 will be held in Grenoble one week later than the original schedule, i.e., from 10 to 12th, October 2011 with Karine, Eddy, Frédéric, Stéphane, Alain, and Pascal as local organizers.



SSS 2010 (12th edition – New York City, NY)

This edition was done with 10 tracks. Shlomi was the General chair.  


SSS 2009 (11th edition – Lyon, France)

Franck gives a talk during the social event at the famous Bocuse restaurant.


SSS 2008 (10th edition – Detroit, MI)

Picture during the poster session of SSS'2008.


SSS 2007 (9th edition – Paris, France)

For this edition, Toshimitsu and Sébastien was program co-chair.


SSS 2006 (8th edition – Dallas, USA)


SSS 2005 (7th edition – Barcelona, Spain)

SSS was one of the events of MANWEEK 2005, which brought together DSOM 2005, IPOM 2005, MMNS 2005, AGNM 2005, and SSS 2005.


Banff 2004 (Banff, Canada)


SSS 2003 (6th edition – San Francisco, CA)

Held in cooperation with DSN-2003, the International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks.


Luminy 2002

Journées Internationales sur l'auto-stabilisation.


WSS 2001 (5th edition – Lisbona, Spain)

This time, WSS is being organized jointly with the 15th International Symposium on DIStributed Computing DISC 2001.


Dagstuhl 2000

Dagstuhl Seminar 00431 organized by A. Arora (Ohio State), J. Beauquier (Paris), S. Dolev (Beer-Sheva, Israel), T. Herman (Iowa City) and W.P. de Roever (Kiel)


WSS 1999 (4th edition – Austin, TX)

This time, WSS is being organized jointly with the 19th International Conference of Distributed Computer Systems (ICDCS'99)


Dagstuhl 1998 (Dagstuhl, Germany)

Some participants of Dagstuhl 1998 : Around Edsger are Anish, Augusto, Franck, Ajoy, Willem-Paul, Colette, Shlomi, Vincent, Sandeep, Joffroy, Felix, Edsger, Moti, Paul, Uri, Mohamed, Shmuel, et al.


WSS 1997 (3th edition – Santa Barbara. Ca)


WSS 1995 (2th edition – Las Vegas. NV)

Where's Ajoy?


MCC 1989 (1st edition – Austin, Tx)

When SSS was called MCC...